Ugh the feeling. I have right now i wanna scream so loud so you could hear . How Im feeling right now . I feel like shit. Wasting my tears for you I some time regret going out with you but at the same time I love you I still love but please don’t come back in my life like its a toy my life/feeling isn’t a toy if you want a toy go buy a fucking toy so you could play with it you could brake it what ever you want like over & over it won’t hurt As much as I do. It’s funny how we talk when we broke up because when we talk its like we never knew each other & tried to flirt with me like you never knew me . Bitch please you got me fucked up shit once I get over you I’m done with your bullshit & you will come back looking for me but the time it’s too late . You late nigga you late you lost the person who loved you & cared about you & always been thinking about you days &night
24/7 & I hate seeing my self reading our old text message & cried like idiot & hearing our favor song . Just fuck you bro I’m tired already with this crapy ass shit & btw I have nice peace of shit day. IM DONE !

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